What is Neuralink?

Neuralink corporation is a neurotechnology company that develops implantable brain-computer interfaces (BCIS). Co-founded by Elon musk. Max Hodak

Dongjin “DJ” Seo and paul Merola the company headquarters are in the pioneer building in sea Francisco sharing officers with open AI.

Neuralink valuation $820m – 1.26 ( Dealroom -Co estimate Jul 2021).

One day you could have superhuman vision play your favorite albums in your head and download your brain to a computer

Through this make use of an episode of your favorite science fiction show

Elon musk and his team at the neural tech startup Neuralink believe that their electronic brain-computer interfaces could make this possible

Described as a Fitbit in your skill with tiny wires the small easy-to-install brain-computer interface could be used to expand.

The capabilities o humans changing the way we interact with technology and

Treat neural and mobility issues yet the goals of the company speak to a potential problem in the future of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk Neuralink brain chip demo explained

Elon Musk is at it again this time he was Unveiling a new brain-computer interface It’s called the link and he says that one day.

It could be everything from paralysis to blindness now I’m going to explain all of this to you using the.

galaxy brain steps one the basics our brains are made up o billions of neurons cells with long spindly arms that send messages by electrical.

Getting A Link 

Less than an hour 

Leave hospital same day 

Can be done without general anesthesia 

They connect with the neurons in your brain to receive and send electrical to your brain

importantly neural link says these electrodes won’t damage your brain.

If they’re inserted very carefully so the robot actually images the brains and makes sure to avoid any veins or arteries so that the electrodes can be inserted with no noticeable.

Damage you sort of think if you bleed but actually at a really small scale, it does not spike those spikes, and

electricity travel between neurons in a chain reaction sending messages to the parts of our brain

that control speech or movement for example when you move your arm.

that action started as an electrical.

spike up here which started us to the second part of the galaxy brain meme about how neural link plans to read those electric spikes according to neural link.

your brain cells are kind of like electrical wiring and rather than just having neurons sending electrical signals

those signals could be sent and received by a chip Elon musk unveiled.

LINK V0.9 

1024 Chennels per link 

23mm * 8mm

Flush with skill (invisible)

6-axis IMU Temperaturepressure etc

Megabit wireless data rate post compression 

All-day battery life  

Neuralink monkey brain demo 

In 2020 it was a pig with a chip in its brain in 2021 it was a monkey playing video games

Elon musk neural link just unveiled its latest brain-computer interface.

showing a nice-year-old monkey named paper controlling a game of pong with its mind.

All thanks to a neural link chip implanted in each side of its brain the demo starts simply enough with the monkey.

plays a simple game on screen using s joystick If he moves the joystick the right way.

he gets a banana smoothie but all the while the game is using the chip inside the monkey’s brain to train a computer

to understand his movements the neural link chips are surgically implanted inside

Paige’s skills connect to his brain via more than 2000 electrodes each about 120th the width of a human hair and

implanted in the regions of his brain that control hand and arm movement brain each time the monkey moves his hand left or

right that movement begins as an electrical signal in his brain an impure that

eventually send the message down his arm to move his hand but the neural link implants read these signals while they’re still inside the brain.

Future of neural link 

Neuraliunk is currently focused on developing a medical device.

We believe these devices have the potential to help people with a wide range of injuries and neurological disorders and

we hope to develop a treatment for many of these conditions in the coming years.

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