How to overcome the fear of failure in an interview

Hello, blog reader how to overcome the fear of failure before a job interview

And how you can build your confidence up so that you’re not afraid of falling anymore wouldn’t that be great if you weren’t afraid of falling?

Imagine what you could do to stay tuned.
So I talked to a lot of people on the phone every day, and I know that a common thing is that if you failed in an interview in the past or

you failed at ten interviews in the past you failed at 20 interviews in the past you probably don’t wanna go on another interview.

And of course, you don’t I don’t blame you, it’s normal so I’m gonna offer you today some tips on why you might

Why you might be failing
what can you do to succeed
Why is the willingness to fail so important

So if you’re one of those people that’s been on 20 interviews first of all pat yourself on the back,

because you are getting closer and haven’t been on any interviews because they are afraid to even go which is called failure ahead of time.

Don’t beat yourself up over that because there is a lot to learn and it is showing you as a refilling person so it just goes to show that

you don’t give up and I’m gonna make sure of that in this article.

What is failure ahead of time?

You’re saying things like I need to prepare better I’m not ready for it and if I go to another interview

I need to prepare all these things and you’re making it very big in your head.

You are saying I need to go over all my stories.
I need to look up the 45 questions I need the answer to. I need to study more I need to practice more, I need to prepare more.

That’s falling ahead of time because you’re not ever gonna know all the information.

And I know that makes sense, right?

You’re like we’ll I did not pass the other ones so I must be doing something wrong, I just need to prepare more. but you could practice 80 times and still go and do
the same thing if you’re not changing

How do you think about your career the reason why you keep failing is because of the thoughts

you have about interviews failing ahead of time means that

you’re postponing going because you think to practice, but that’s not the problem you need to change your mindset.

And sometimes that can be very difficult to do on Your own. So that’s why I help clients every day to change their mindset so that

they can go back even stronger to that interview and use however many failures they have to their advantage instead of to their detriment.

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