How to get a job

One of the questions that most of college pass-outs probably ask is how to get a job and how to search for jobs .In this blog you got the anwser for this question

Career break crate a support network there is reason why you took a break perhaps it was taking care of a child , or parents, medical emergency or moving to a new location .

All of these are challenging situations and you need tow kinds of support network,personal and professional to help you get back on track ,Now how to create a “personal” support network ?

One golden word of advice DELEGATE. so hire

Trust your spouse with your child for a couple of hours.

I konw it’s easier said than done ,but sweetheart college is many many years away The “professional” support network.

Will show yu how to build a strong professional network that will help you get a job in the 6th step and re-evalute the beauty of life is that we all change.

May be earlier , the urban life of Mumbai or new york was calling you but you want to buy a villa and work from home instead or writing code,

Now have this sudden urge to talk about people may be it’s the -pandemic , time or family that has changed your priorities .

so to pivot your career , have are few things you can do figure out what jobs have more demand and the least supply

These roles can lead to interview calls because companies have a tough time finding good talent already so a career gap might not matter at all.

Search for job source

You can check website like , monster por general job-related news to find out the hottest jobs in the market.Make a list of your current skills and see where there is an overlap with what the market currently needs.

First thing that you need to keep in mind is that your mindset must be positive I can’t stress enough on the important of mindest if you want to get work and

Especially if you do not have any experience when people do not have any experience the first thing

that they do is that they start thing s that no one will Ever hire them because they don’t have any past experience guys remember that even the most experienced person today started from zero.

That is the common round for everyone so don’t underestimate yourself establish a positive mindset yes may not have any experience .

But let’s say you have certain skills that other people maynot have easy you might be able to communicate very well you might be able to present your ideas very well you .

These steps will help you even if you are a fresher looking for your first job.

I will share with you some real-life examples of people I’ve known who hand unmeployement career.

  1. Clean up your online presence
  2. Seek out compatible your qualification
  3. Leverage your network
  4. Harness the power of jobs search alerts
  5. Work on crafting a solid resume


*Work the skills of your ideal job description

Write down the characteristics and Technical skills of the job description you want and work on those skills.

Example description your ideal job

My ideal job is one where my knowledge and skills are put to good use .

A job where I will learn and grow as a person and an employee ,where I am given challenges that test my potential and where I can make a valued contribution ton the company.

*Mold your current job

Mold your current job at closer variation of your ideal job

*Do something now

Working hard for something we are don’t care about is called STRESS .Working for something we love is called passion

Volunteer,Do an internship ,Freelance or start your own project related to that position.

*Build a superb online presence

how to build and mange your online presence

  • Invest in market research
  • Build a Top-Quality website
  • Play the long game with SEO
  • Focus on social media branding
  • Don’t understand digital advertising
  • Work on your Online Reputation
  • LinkedIn Personal website

*Display your industry expertise

Here are some examples of industry expertise : knowledge of the company relationship with the market,competitors and supplier.

Information about clients needs and types of clients .konwloage of the current need and type clients .

10 valuable Business skills for workplace success

Data analysis Understanding of economics ,emotional intelligence,Networking ,Learship,Bussiness Managemnet ,

Projects Management and planning ,organization ,Financial management ,Communication and negotiation,Financial accounting

On a blog , Youtube channel or Guest posts

*Build an industry specific network

Build a network of people in your industry you can do informational interviews with.

  1. Get your
  2. Schedule dedicated time
  3. List down what type of companies you want to work for
  4. Connect with your network
  5. List down all your references
  6. Stay in touch with recruiters
  7. Research the company before you go for the interview
  8. Follow up after an interview & reiterate your interest in the position.

LinkedIn Personal community link


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