Google CEO Sundar Pichai

After joining google in 2004 Sundar Pichai the chief executive officer of Google in 2015 after the creation alphabet creation of alphabet google’s

parent group it took Sundar just four years to become the chief executive officer of alphabet despite

his meteoric rise from the populist city of Chennai in India to the height of the tech industry

Sunday has still managed to be one of the most liked CEOs

Larry Page thinks out a dream that all are likely to have a motivated technology, for example, people like to use toothbrushes that is one day used two times similar
Sergey Brin and Larry Page created the alphabet branch of Google focusing on the alphabet so Google runs the deserved, a person to lead Google.

who is that? Believe Sundar Pichai that time working on the Google .larry page announcing the CEO of Google.

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Wall Street magazine found that Sundar Pichai studied college but the college side is not who’s that IIT college

he is not reviewed in our college said. IIT returned staff said he won a medal and found out

Sunday Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu Madurai
July 02, 1972. Son of Ragunatha Pichai and Lakshmi.

Ragunatha Pichai is an Electrical Engineering in a British general electrical company salary Rs 3000/_ mother Lakshmi as a sonographer and

.he lived in Chennai Ashok Nagar.


Meeting unlike Elon musk which has strict restrictions on his meetings or Jeff
Bezos likes to have his meetings only in the morning

Sunday Pichai is always ready to attend necessary meetings he sometimes takes meetings on the go when he can it is said that he can wander away during a meeting

if a problem that needs solving is posed only to come back in a short time with a solution that the team can discuss this is because

sugar claims that he loves to pace when working on something

I love to pace and actually think have to start walking apparently during meetings

he has the habit of keeping quiet and waiting for everyone to speak while he listens at the ends of the comments he then throws out ideas people could work on
interaction with work and employees
Sunday Pichai’s meeting style of listening before talking is just a reflection of his leadership style

which everyone loves ex google employee maritime huffed who worked as a technical program manager under the Sunday win

CEO position

Android department had this to say there anybody that takes over a CEO one day

I would see Sundar as being an excellent choice for doing that was in 2014 just a year before

Sundar Pichai got appointed as the CEO of Google hoofed explained this by comparing Sunday with the former CEOs saying that

larry is not afraid of setting audacious goals whereas I think Sundar is more of a great operator. previous article

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