FIFA 2022 World cup final highlights is 38,966 spectators will have the opportunity to have the privilege of seeing from this lights stadium there the stadium in Qatar the final of the world cup.

and the Argentina of Leo Messi, aspectacular finals,obviously in a championship like this , many things happen, but probably 90% of the fans who would have been asked before

the world cup for giving three candidates for the title would have put the three to play in the world cup Mundo Alvaro Benito .

Carlos the match of matches the match you dream of playing at some ponit when you strat kicking the ball Leo messi’s last chance ,

one of the best for many, the best player in history to get cup that is missing the long waited cup

How this is lived in Argentina I can’t imagine how pepole have to be there Yes,

they have already lived all the way to be the final with something more than passion.Well, imagine what the final could be and well,

France repeats the current champion repeats the final , many players from from the Russian final repeat and many have not been able to be there due to injury

Angel Di Maria entering the field play closing the entourage of the Argentine team as Criezmann does in the French

that the World cup has been Di Maria wants to put her in the table are for Rodrigo de paul from above

I think she is already offside He had moved perfectly,well highly complicated with his shoulder , hitting the neck with his elbow,

But Argentina, the front tried from there,carlos verry experienced players, But that ball could have

fallen to Messi and anything happened. There goes Leo Messi To hit the ball first ,Paul puts it back ,

a penalty point, the defense takes it, he’s going to walk.

See if he had time, a long time ,Julian M aria , partner of so many cess appears again starts Looks for the wall with rage the ball inside protects Molina.

I shot you the ballhad been placed surely for paul it arrive from polapone second chance the ball did not arrive trying a pass with to win

I think it is not very clear it is going to have to relate Emiliano from the step team and ball to the far post a very brave stricker rose in it Maria,

who crossess him perfectly, gets between mother lands with her legs in a situation of maximum danger and

Leo Messi opens the front arrancame the argentinian star opens the championship opens the world cup opens the final in the exact

Ecuador of the first half Lio de embele has just messed it up ,Di Maria’s touch is going to get there tremendous

Argentina Great goal from Argentina from the beginning to the end from the kit to the last pass in the perfect diagonal in the claity of messi for a open it to the side in the prolongation of Julian at the arrival ,

beating all the faith in the world that the play would end on the left side

The poodle is the man at the moments in the final Argentina hits for the second time .

Argentina won the match of 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP

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