Extended Reality & Metaverse

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A 1968 newspaper article predicted that people would be able to carry their

r telephones in their pockets in the future and here

we are in the 21st century with smartphones that

can do much more than just a phone call the world is advancing in technology

At an unprecedented rate and the future looks more promising than ever.

which of the following companies invented the first cell phone?

Invented their first cell phone is it Nokia Samsung Motorola or Nippon

Extended Reality & Metaverse

Extended reality is the interaction between humans and computer-generated graphics

The primary application of comprehensive reality.

XR can be seen in the gaming industry extended reality is important for good user experience

The meta words if you are aware of the metaverse then

focuses on the virtual world in which users can interact with other users in the computer graphic environment in 2020 the market of extended

The reality was valued at 25.84 billion US dollars and is estimated to reach 397.81 billion dollars by the end of 2026 with a cagr of 75.91

some big the industry that often works with extended reality includes google Qualcomm Samsung Microsoft and Apple XR

technology is emerging day by day the industry demand for XR experts is increasing to keep abreast of the technology.

The metaverse adds extensive use of 3D graphics to this allowing users to permanently access online content using extended reality (XR).

Extended reality is one of the emerging technologies in 2022.

The dream of incorporating VR (virtual reality).

AR (augmented reality ) in our daily lives is becoming even more apparent as we advance.

Fantastic five benefits of using XR in Business.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration.
  • Better Data Analysis.
  • Safe Training Environment.
  • Better customer experience
  • Takeaway Thoughts.

Metaverse positive

Equal access to lifelike, otherwise unattainable experiences for the masses

Interactions using more accurate virtual representations of physical objects

shared virtual experiences in real-time with family and friends as if in the same room

Work efficient testing and training sessions using computer code

New business opportunities to connect engage and interact with customers.

Metaverse negative

Limited access for some users who struggle with fully immersed experiences

increased costs for individuals buying the technology needed to participate

More business investments are necessary to attain metaverse objectives

Likelihood of bad behaviour and privacy violations.

Security concerns and potential points of compromise

Metaverse addictiveness for those looking to escape reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The interaction between the virtual experience and the real world. immersive and interactive virtual content spatially

registered to the real world and experienced in the first person, providing a strong sense of presence in a combined real/virtual environment.

Also called Mixed Reality (MR)

Hybrid virtual & Augment Reality

Interactive objects are layered on top of the physical environment without the ability to manipulate the augmented object.

AR overlays digital information in the real world.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Creates a completely virtual environment that allows users to immerse themselves in an alternate universe. example VOLVO Reality

An immersive and interactive simulated environment that is experienced in the first person and Provides a strong sense of presence to the user.

The real world is hidden and the user is completely immersed in s digital experience creating a digital simulation of a real environment.

Mixed Reality (MR)

A hybrid of virtual & Augment Reality

The extended reality in the metaverse

Application domains

XR allows people to experience phenomena that they could not experience in the real world.

XR can overcome imitation of space and

time ‘XR makes it possible to experience the world from other perspectives.

XR affordances

  • Presence
  • Agency
  • Embodiment

Behaviour change facilitators

Threat appraisal & Coping appraisal

Basis for decision

simulation of various problem statements

Faster decision-making, Error misunderstandings, Fewer misunderstandings, facility awareness and Flow Control.


XR introduction to equipment and processes before facility handover

Learning motivation, Error reduction, Shorter introductory period, Implementation strategy and process awareness


Virtual training for process and equipment compliance

Faster learning, Risk mitigation, Automatic SOP updates, streamlined validation

Operational assistance

supporting daily operations through big data analyses

Streamlining of data process validation GMP compliance Error reduction and Remote operations.

Work in the metaverse

Over the last year and a half, a lot of us who work in offices have gone remote and while I miss seeing the people

I work with I think remote work is here to stay for a lot of people so we’re gonna need better tools to work together

let’s take a look at what working in the metaverse will be like imagine

if you could be at the office without the commute you would still have that sense of presence shared physical space those chance interactions that

make your day all accessible from anywhere now imagine that you have your perfect work set up and

you can actually do more than you could in your regular work set up on top of all that you can keep wearing your favourite sweatpants looking good

let’s get together real quick for a debrief I’m free now let’s jump in hi-key what do we think I think it’s ready great I’ll prep it for the presentation

all right good luck imagine a space where you can tune out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

when you’re ready to share what you’ve been working on you can present it as if you’re right there with the team wait where’s the mark

I think he’s in the middle of something.


Metaverse is still in the nascent stages.

It is unclear how long it will take to be fully developed or to what extent

it will be able to replicate real life. However, one certain thing is that

it has the potential to be the next revolution in the virtual reality world.

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