Environmental issues

Environmental issues are the problems and harmful effects created by human unmindful activity and

overutilization of valuable resources obtained from nature ( environment).

The student should understand not only the environmental issues.

We are facing this now but also finding solutions to rectify or reduce these problems.

Countries of the world agree that something needs to be done about these important environmental issues.

Green House Effect

Some sunlight that hits the earth is reflected back into space. While the rest becomes heat.

Greenhouse gases absorb and reflect heat radiated by the earth preventing it from escaping into space.

Global Warming

The rise in global temperature causes sea levels to rise as polar ice caps and glaciers begin to melt causing

the submergence of many coastal cities in many parts of the world.

There will be a drastic change in weather patterns bringing more floods or droughts in some areas.

The global warming effect on plants

  • Low agricultural productivity in the tropics
  • Frequent heat wares ( weeds, pests, fungi need warmer temperatures)
  • Increase of vectors and epidemics
  • Strong storms and intense flood damage
  • Water crisis and decreased irrigation
  • Change in flowering seasons and pollinators
  • Change in species distributional ranges
  • Species extinction

Geographic information system

GIS is a computer system for capturing storing checking and displaying data related to positions on the earth’s surface.

Also to manipulate analyze manage and present special or geographic data.

Importance of GIS
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Disaster management
  • Zoning of landslide hazard
  • Determination of land cover and land the
  • Estimation of flood damage
  • Management of natural resources
  • Soil mapping
  • Wetland mapping
  • Irrigation management and identification of volcanic hazard
  • Vegetation studies and mapping of threatened and endemic species.


Forestry is the science and craft of creating managing planting conserving and repairing forest woodlands and associated resources for human and environmental benefits


Agroforestry is an integration of tress crops and livestock on some plot of land. The main objective is the interaction between them

Social Forestry

Social forestry refers to the management of forests and helping the environment with the purpose of helping the environment.

social and real development and benefits.

  • Deforestation
  • Afforestation
  • Alien invasive species
  • Conservation
  • carbon capture and storage
  • Rainwater harvesting -RWH
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Geographic information system.

Clouds and Dust particles can also produce greenhouse effects which is why clouds, dust, and humid nights are warmer than clear dust-free dry nights.

The greenhouse effect leads to climate change which results in global warming deforestation causes soil erosion.

Whereas afforestation helps to restore vegetation and increases the groundwater table.

Regeneration of trees by Agroforestry is possible with the involvement of the community and government.

Help to conserve the flora and fauna in their natural habit and man-made environments like zoological;.

Parks and national done in the form of sequestration Rainwater harvesting is done for improving the groundwater table.

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