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The world from the world’s most volatile region conflict over faith and boundaries stories of death destruction despair and hope we on bring you to the heart of the action incisive analysis unrivalled perspective.

  • Joe Biden pays tribute to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth the second in London on Sunday joining other leaders and thousands of people who filed past the late monarch as she lay in state.
  • Tens of thousands of police officers and military people will take part in the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second on Monday is tomorrow in what will be one of the biggest security operations in the country or the country has ever seen.
  • At least 80 people were killed in clashes between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan this week in the last violence the countries have ever seen in years well the International community called for clam.
  • Hungary pledges to meet all of its commitments made to the European Commission to unlock European Union funding after the Eu executive proposed suspending around 7.5 billion euros of corruption.
  • Us president Joe Biden approves an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico as tropical storm Fiona heads towards the island with a near hurricane strength.

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