Best upcoming smartphones in 2023

Hello readers, the end month of 2022 is here and less than a month away is 2023

What type of phones are going to be launched

What features are going to come?

What will be the trends?

Below is the answer to this question.

Not only flagship but also budget & mid-range phones, what will be the new things that we’ll see?

Comparison with 2022,2023 is going to be a blast.


Let’s start with the camera has become an integral part of a smartphone. in 2022, we saw a race of megapixels.

At first, it was 48MP, then 50MP,108MP,& We’ve reached 200MP But 2023 is going to be a little different.

Firstly, the two companies which provide camera sensors. Samsung & SONY, both are going in two different directions, and the direction in which SONY is going, I like that very much. The big sensor size of a 1-inch sensor will be seen in nearly all the flagship phones with sony sensors Flagship-level.

If Samsung, they are going towards the megapixel race. Now that we’ve seen 200 MP, I would not be surprised if 300-400MP also comes to exist by end of 2023.

But if you ask me, more important than MP is the sensor size, picture quality & video quality.  and we’re moving towards that in 2023.

Many phones are going to be launched which won’t be in the Megapixel race but towards the picture & video quality & that is what we want.

There is one more thing that will bring a difference. It will actually bring the DSLR Camera and smartphone closer.

That is the dedicated chipset. Yes, the dedicated chipset for the camera is where all the algorithms and the post-processing is going to happen.


Let’s proceed with the display  There are many changes in the display, too. and not only in the flagship, but in budget & mid-range,  too.

The trend for midrange & budget, there are going to be more OLED phones. Even in 15k -20k, most of the phones will be OLED.

I won’t say this for every single of them but most of the phones in 15k-25k will have that. with that really nice curved display.

And if I talk about the flagship-level phones, the E6 AMOLED, the Samsung display, that is going to be the breakthrough in flagships.

Do you know why? First, the display brightness. 2220 nits are coming. Right now, we say that 1200 nits are good. but the 2023 flagship, they’ll have 2000,2200,2300 nits peak brightness.

That will be bright. Flagships phones are going to have 144Hz. Even though it is going to be 2K.

There already is FHD but a 2k display with a 144HZ fast refresh rate. That is what we’ll see. Not only that, but we’ll also see the variable refresh rate.

IQOO said that it uses self-developed LTPO high-refresh technology, which can enable 60Hz and 120Hz, two refresh rates on one screen at the same time.


Done with the camera &  Display, let’s move on to performance. Even in performance, we’ll be able to see many things, They’ll be 4nm based. But Apple can introduce a 3nm based. more interesting than that will be the UFS strong type & the RAM type.

There’ll be a difference between them. LPDDR5 will be visible in the mid-range phones which are only in flagships right now. And in flagships, there’ll be LPDDR5X which is 1.3 times faster.

So, it is going to be fast. Which are over 1.3 times faster than LPDDR5’s 6.4gbps.

But the biggest jump in the performance will be in the storage type. Yes, you know that it was all UFS 3.1 in flagship phones.

And there’s going to be UFS 4.0 in flagship phones which will be launched in 2023.

Do you know what will be the difference?

The read-write speed is going to be double the speed as compared to the UFS 3.1. and the 3.1 will be visible on mid-range phones. so, in the budget, mid-range & flagship, there is going to be a performance boost.

Especially in read-write-speed. Not only that, we’ll get to see the phones with 16GB RAM, but now, the virtual RAM will also be able to go to 16GB RAM. so if we count the total RAM then in some flagship phones we’ll be able to see.


Connectivity is also equally exciting whichever trends are coming, If you ask me, we might be seeing wi-fi 7 phones in the second half, definitely.

The 8 gen 2, the least chipset which launched on Dimensity 9200+, is all wi-fi 7 certified.

Do you know the difference between wi-fi 6 and wi-fi 7?

It’s in multiples. Example The wi-fi 6 supports 9.6GBps speed throughput in the connectivity But wi-fi goes up to 46.4GBps. 46GBps. That is crazy! we’ll get a speed bump. There is 5G but the phone’s infrastructure network is going to be fast.


Bluetooth 5.2, 5.3 which you can see even now. so there won’t be much difference. There has only been one phone with satellite connectivity.

In 2023, there’ll be many more phones. Definitely, Samsung’s S series/ S 23 series will have satellite connectivity. And 5G’S all the bands in India will be present in the phones launching in 2023.

The brands know that. They have launched it like that. and that’s what’s going to happen. You’ll get all the bands in the new phones that’ll launch in 2023.

The thing which was a blast in 2022. With fast charging and battery, there won’t be much difference. They’ve reached 200W, They might reach 250w-300w. But the battery technology won’t be changed much. The battery will be a 4500-5000m battery, only the charging will increase.

In budget phones, there used to be 18w now 30w, 40w, or 50w will be the standard. In flagships, it might happen that 250w and 300w might be seen.

One thing. in Samsung and Apple phones you won’t get above 50w. Not a doubt, it’s guaranteed. They’re still on 25W maybe they might reach 40W-50W in S23.

What is going to be a trend?


what’ll be the prices?  Willtheybepriceylikein2022?The prices will become a little lower, talking about the price trend.

I think so but I’m not entirely sure. Why am I saying that?  The supply chain, china’s issues, Covid are ending, so little -by little the parts will be available.

It’ll be a little cheaper but not too much. It is not going to come down heavily, only by 5-8%. the foldable phone and flippable phones will also become cheaper.

Till now they are worth 1.25 and 1.5 lakh but maybe the good big phones may become lesser than 1 lakh.

The flippable phones might come under 50k.

Foldable flippable phones, then we might also see some slidable phones in 2023.

That is what it is going to be.

Finally, we’re going towards the virtual world with the metaverse. Definitely, smartphones will have to keep up with it.

It might happen like that it might happen like that. The software might give some camera features which will allow you to use AR & VR directly.

Some software features, like the apple Lidar sensor, there might be in android due to which you will be able to enjoy the virtual world.

Even in wearables, there might be a change in software features wherein you can experience the metaverse, and roam in that.

Like these, some features could come.

Right now, we don’t know what will happen specifically. But definitely, there is going to be a big improvement there.

By the way, this is a 5-min blog, you might have gotten to know so many things but we have to do research for that 2-3 days.

It has right so, it takes a lot of research and effort.

On this, you should also make an effort and like it please do if you comment on this blog.

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