2023 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota jeff review this is the 2023 Toyota sequoia limited t may be the one to choose and,

it’s upgraded the course of this blog about sequoia limited and how it’s available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive it’s all hybrid.



Styling passenger

cargo space


Inside the interior first look after what the limit is all about and then this one has the upgraded panoramic roof

it’s getting IBL to boost auto-levelling headlights with sequential turn signals.

The towing technology package so let’s come over to the front this will be our sneak preview before we see the movie let’s call it

What the startup sounded like but let’s kick it up a notch you know kick it up hands-free power liftgate

Easy way with your hands full used this similar technology this past weekend and had my hands full of groceries with my Venza kicked it like that

Coming down both the new sequoia and the new tundra have iForce Max technology which means

it’s coming at you full force with 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque with this 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine

this car off-roading city streets and highways it’s smooth glides but boy it does it could do it fast if you want to get onto a highway quickly

it could do it faster than you think it’s comfortable the seats are very comfortable the is smooth it really does glide across the highway even

when you’re kind of bouncing on some uneven highway or stretch of roads if you’re furious about suspension

this has independent double wishbone suspension in front and coil spring multi-link suspension in the back it’s got disc brakes in the front and

the back 13.9 inches 13.6 inches you’re looking at a 22-and-a-half gallon fuel tank

this going to be four-wheel drive it is four-wheel drive 19 in the city 22 on the highway and 20 combined if you don’t need four-wheel drive

capabilities you want to save a little bit of money and save.

it the gas pump you could go with the two-wheel drive in which case it would average 22 as opposed to 20 this has a light upgrade normally

it comes with LED headlights daytime running light with a manual levelling feature but

this one has upgraded to LED headlights with auto levelling so that way if you go up over a railroad bump or that

kind of thing your lights aren’t gonna blind somebody they just kind of stay consistent here

we’ve got LED fog lights down below the daytime running lights see parking sensors all along

the front Toyota safety sense is 2.5 5 2.5 the ground clearance is 8.6 inches and just looking at this reminds you very much of tundra lights.

it’s beautiful the Toyota symbol huge and glosses black down with silver metallic.

This is the best Toyota has done since following the brand a little bit closer in 2005.

Power folding side mirrors with turn signal indicators yes turn signal indicators all right we’ve got gloss black accents

all along the profile including the roof rails hut.

Iforce max badging very cool silver metallic fender treatments and two-tone wheels those are honestly very stunning tires and are 265 60 R 20.

The auto lock and unlocked feature on the door handle for the front not on the back but it is outlined with that gloss black the sequential turn signal upgrade.

This is the gorgeous back end really impressed all right s-e-q-u-o-i-q and chrome it matches a lot of chrome accents

along with more gloss black and silver metallic

backup sensors power the back tailgate, backup camera and backup camera washer you can also hit that button and move it down.

at night with the cargo space where you want to get a little creative so how are you going to give yourself the most charge

space possible well behind the third row depending on if you have the seats forward or backwards you’re going to get between the plane.

Between 11 and a half and 22 and a half cubie feat of space and lever give people in the third row more room a little bit more room

Obviously, that tightens things up a little bit we do have a power third row, 49 cubic feet of space and flexible storage shelves.

2023 Toyota sequoia pricing

The 2023 Toyota sequoia starts at $58,300, plus a destination charge of $1,495.

The third-generation all-new 2023 sequoia is projected to hit showrooms in the summer of 2023.

Is Toyota sequoia available in India?

Toyota has no plans of introducing this monster SUV to the Indian market.

Basic info

fuel Tank capacity of 26.4 gallons

features air conditioner and heater.


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